Taper Crazy Cauliflower

The dreaded marathon taper. The last few weeks before a marathon, you significantly reduce your mileage after a peak training week to allow your legs to recover before the race. So….. basically you go into running withdrawal. This is often called the “taper crazies”. You become a little irrational, cranky, and every little headache may… Continue reading Taper Crazy Cauliflower

Back in the routine frittata(s)

Hope everyone had a memorable Memorial Day weekend! It was this time last year that Ian and I were leaving for our big road trip out west. Last year we signed up for the Grand Teton Half-Marathon and made a 2 week road trip out of it. We stopped at all the cheesy pit stops until… Continue reading Back in the routine frittata(s)

Run all the miles! Eat all the veggies! Bibimbap!

Am I running ALL the miles right now? No. But I wish I was. And you probably are… so you should give this recipe a try! Bibimbap is a Korean dish that literally means, “mixed rice”. Commonly, it is served as a bowl of warm rice topped with sauteed vegetables, gochujang (chili pepper paste), meat,… Continue reading Run all the miles! Eat all the veggies! Bibimbap!

Black Bean Burgers for Bottomless Pit Hunger

What a weekend! Had so much fun spectating the Flying Pig Marathon. I’m working on writing up a race recap of the Flying Pig and my experience as a spectator. In the meantime, I thought I could share my black bean burger recipe I made last night with you. We drove late into the night to get… Continue reading Black Bean Burgers for Bottomless Pit Hunger